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<br> One of the benefits of Yoga, and meditation, is clarity of mind. After practicing Yoga, the body and mind feel tranquility, which lowers stress levels and allows us to cultivate positive relationships at home, with friends, and at work. If you live in a democracy, any two seemingly reputable candidates work at destroying the opposition's credibility - to the point where you are left in confusion. Before they started talking, you were sure they were qualified for the job. After they finish vilifying each other, you may wonder if either of them is a competent leader. When considering politics, religion, philosophy, or current - https://www.gov.uk/search?q=current events, it is wise to evaluate the underlying messages and hidden agendas. Does the communicator find logical, http://alicewbryant.somebody.io/ - http://alicewbryant.somebody.io/ tolerant, and kind solutions, that will benefit the masses? Be careful before answering; remember that Adolph Hitler had a message too. Through some crafty political maneuvering, he managed to become appointed as chancellor of Germany in January of 1933. In retrospect, his speeches should have given him away, but people easily fall into being turned into a mob.<br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> Look back further in history. How many people were executed by religious fundamentalists? The uneducated will try to deny holocausts, witch hunts, pogroms, and atrocities in the name of holiness. There is nothing holy about intolerance, sexism, discrimination, injustice, or bigotry. Although you may reach a tranquil state of mind through meditation and Yoga, be prepared to listen to, or read about, intolerance that exists almost everywhere. To clearly recognize the face of intolerance, at the onset, is to your advantage. So, how can one Yoga practitioner make a stand against intolerance? Once again, we can change the world from within. Be careful not to spread intolerance with your words. If you have an unkind thought, try your best to let it go. Do not hold onto unjust thoughts and do not act upon them. When we hold onto anger, we claim ownership of a grudge. It becomes part of us. If you want to lighten your burdens in life, learn to leave hate, intolerance, discrimination, injustice, or bigotry behind. In combination, these negative burdens have held humankind back for centuries. As Yoga students, or teachers, we must be living examples of kindness, tolerance, fairness, and mindfulness. Happiness in our actions, thoughts, and words, is the Yogic path.<br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> How can a government truly represent all of its citizens? The Congress is meant to represent the people. What does each member of congress represent? Each U.S. Senator is supposed to represent the state from which he/she was elected. Each U.S. Representative is supposed to represent the people of the congressional district from which he/she was elected. Members of Congress, usually at the request of the people they represent. What day do congress votes for new members? Congress doesn't elect new members. The people from their state elect the people who will represent them in Congress. A person a member or Congress has been elected to represent? Members of Congress have been elected to represent their constituents, or people living in the district that has elected them. Decision to have two houses of congress? The bicameral legislature of the United States Congress provides one house to represent the people and one house to represent the states. Why does the constitution provide for a bicameral congress? The U.S. Constitution provided for a bicameral congress. The Senate was meant to represent the states, and the House of Representatives was designed to represent the people. How do the members of congress reflect a cross section of the American people? Members of Congress are elected by the people of their state and so represent the political aims of those people. Which of these describes how the Chinese government represents its citizens? The Congress is meant to represent the people. How many members of Congress represent NY?<br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> What is Scale Rot? Scale rot, also known as necrotic or ulcerative dermatitis, is a disease that snakes and other reptiles can get. The animals usually get it from being in a too humid, warm environment. This makes the reptile vulnerable to becoming infected with bacteria. Most often the bacteria comes from exposure to contaminated feces. Excessive moisture can come from water spilled from a tipped over water bowl and having the bedding, such as newspaper or paper towel, absorb it. There are other types of bedding that hold moisture better, like soil, coconut husk, or aspen shavings. If urates and feces are not removed often, this can cause the bacteria to multiply rapidly and increase the likelihood of infection. Ethical 9-1/2-Inch Stoneware Crock Dog Dish Buy Now Take Your Reptile to a Vet Right Away! Scale rot is a disease that needs to be treated immediately. It can begin mildly.<br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> One or two patches of scales will look brown, dry and flaky. If left untreated, these areas will spread and eventually turn into blisters, then open lesions. Necrotic dermatitis left to progress this far will be very difficult to treat. I have created a video below giving tips on how to treat scale rot on a snake at home. However, it is essential to take your pet to an exotic veterinarian for a professional opinion and treatment plan. If you see any unusual reddish-brown spots on the body of your lizard or snake, get it checked immediately. Scale rot can be cured relatively quickly and easily if caught early. In addition to making videos, I also love to write. Come check me out on HubPages. Look Forward to Part II on How to Treat Scale Rot! There is going to be a second video and article on treating scale rot. It will cover cleaning and disinfection of equipment, the application of antibiotic cream, detailed photographs, and how to prevent the spreading of infection to your other pets in more detail. I will include the link when it it completed. Have any of you dealt with scale rot before? Yes, it sucked but my pet got better. No, but now I know what to look for.<br>