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Mobile price bd - https://mobilemoj.com/ phones are very common these days. Almost everyone has one or even two at times. People have a cell for personal use as well as a separate cell for official use. Now a days there are also cells that have dual SIM card slots to assist you to keep both your numbers in one phone itself. You can buy these cells in wide price range the most basic cells with just basic features of making calls is available for really low prices whereas the touch screen, camera, music phones are available for really extravagant prices.<br> <br> When you end up paying through your hat for your cell and with so many risks attached to it like damage (it could be physical damage to the cell or application damage due some reasons), the cell being lost / stolen it is advisable to insure the cell. One thing that many mobile users overlook is taking mobile phone insurance that suits the cell and covers risk for your cell. We must however, choose the best suited plan for the cell. It is usually an afterthought however, this should be one of the most important and first things on your mind. If you do drop your cell and it doesn't function as required then you would end up with a contract with a cell provider and no cell this is when the mobile phone insurance would come in handy since you would eventually have to pay for the full retail price of another cell.<br> <br> Here are a few tips that would guide to choose the best Mobile Phone Insurance:<br> <br> &bull; You must check the cost of the policy: this means that you need not be paying as much as you might be thinking. The cost of your policy should be enough to cover your damages or to purchase a new cell if anything happens to your current cell.<br> <br> &bull; The underwriting company that you might take your insurance from must be reputable. A well known company. The speed of the claims procedure also must be checked before you take a cell insurance policy. Its obvious you wouldn't want to do without a cell for long.<br> <br> &bull; You must also check for no-claims bonuses. This means that some mobile phone insurance companies offer free batteries or upgrades after a particular period of time.<br> <br> &bull; When going in for an insurance policy you must also check for the different modes of payment that might be available to you. For example: All online, Direct - Debit only options, cell ordering etc.<br> <br> &bull; You must also check for what you would be willing to shell out as the monthly or annual premiums for the insurance. This would totally depend on how you will be making the payment that is would it be monthly or annually.<br> <br> &bull; You must also check for how much excess you would have to pay in case of damage to your current cell so that you know exactly if the mobile phone insurance is worth it or not.<br> <br> Your cell is definitely important to you and we know that you would definitely take the necessary steps to go about checking for the most appropriate mobile phone insurance company and plan.