What is Time?

Time can simply be termed as the hours, minutes and seconds each person has in a day, week, month or year.
However, different types of people perceive and use the time given differently. Let me present to you these two simple examples to demonstrate my point.

Example 1:
Imagine a student sitting for a crucial exam (I’m sure it’s not too hard to imagine this. Most of us have probably gone through it). The next two hours he goes through will go a long way to determine his academic future.

Example 2:
Now imagine a housewife going through the same two hours at precisely the exact same time. She will probably just perform the same routine of cleaning, cooking and doing other chores for the next two hours. If she has spare times after doing her chores, she may even watch some television or do some shopping for clothes or abaya online.

See my point here?

Nonetheless, everyone is given the same 24 hours a day. Why then do we always hear people complaining that they do not have enough time? Let’s consider that the 24 hours is occupied doing some of the following things:

  • Sleep
  • Eat
  • Bathe/Visiting The Toilet
  • Work
  • Relax
  • Exercise
  • Social Interaction With Family & Friends

And the list goes on. In fact, if we just consider that the average person sleeps about 8 hours a day, which is about 1/3 of a day gone. That leaves each person with only a remaining 16 hours to do the rest of the things listed above and more.

How Much Time Do You Need?

As you might be aware, no two persons are alike. Therefore, the time taken by two different persons to accomplish a similar task varies tremendously. The question is, how much time do you need to complete certain tasks? To answer this, go get a piece of paper & pen (Yes, right now so as not to waste more time!).

Now write down the following questions:
1) How much time do I take to sleep each day?
2) How much time do I take to shower/go to the toilet each day?
3) How much time do I take to eat my meals each day?
4) How much time do I take to do my work/job each day?
5) How much time do I take to relax each day?
6) How much time do I take to exercise each day?
7) How much time do I take to interact with my family and friends each day?
8) How much time do I take to do leisure activities, sports, use my smartphone, browse the internet and chill?

Next write down the answer for each question.

Done that? Alright, good. Do take careful note of the time you take for each activity. Next accumulate the total time taken and check if the total time taken is about or below 24 hours. This is to roughly gauge whether you still have surplus time to spare even after performing some of the basic daily activities. If you still have surplus time, good for you, you know how to plan your time well. If not, you seriously need to consider managing your time better.