Dubbed as the world’s plastic surgery capital, South Korea is famous for having the highest numbers of cosmetic surgeries per capita. The country offers a long list of popular methods and techniques that promise to enhance and improve a person’s natural beauty. One of these renowned procedures is none other than the Korean eye surgery.

Korean eye surgery is beneficial for people who wish to restore the overall appearance of their eyes. As you already know, the skin and muscle surrounding your eyes can weaken, causing it to sag. With this particular surgical procedure, you can expect to have brighter looking eyes or a more refreshed and youthful appearance.

The surgery has been a favorite among those who want to seek new opportunities for employment and even those who just want to impress their dates. But more than the obvious physical improvements, Korean eye surgery helps people boost their self-confidence.

Popular Types of Korean Eye Surgery
Below are the four most valued and common eye procedures that are in demand in South Korea:

Double Eyelid Surgery
Double eyelid surgery is a form of blepharoplasty surgery. With this particular procedure, the main goal is to add creases to a person’s eyelid. The addition of creases means rounder and brighter eyes that will then result in a more attractive look. Double eyelid surgery helps improve self-confidence and even plays a big role in a person’s social and professional life.

The primary purpose of blepharoplasty is the restoration of the appearance of heavy bags under the eyes or droopy eyelid. In this procedure, the surgeon will redistribute or remove the excess skin or fat through making incisions on the natural crease of the fold of the eyelid. This then creates a more rejuvenated and alert look as a whole.

Ptosis Correction
The height of the eyelid is the key area of interest in this specific surgical procedure. It refers to the particular position where the eyelid rests. Through ptosis correction, the eye muscles are strengthened that can then help create a wide eye shape. Strengthening the eye muscle is actually important as it helps reduce the formation of wrinkles.

Lateral Canthoplasty
This Korean eye surgery focuses on the eye slant of a person. Through lengthening the eyes, this will create a natural almond shape. This also helps restore and strengthen the eyelid function.

Things to Do Before You Undergo Korean Eye Surgery
Just like with trying any new beauty technique or treatment, it is always imperative to do your homework first. First, you need to know and understand the specific defect that will be corrected. It means you need to consult a specialist who can determine the appropriate surgical procedure for your condition. It will help you avoid getting unnecessary surgical work.

The specialist will check your past medical history as well as your present expectations. Vision and physical exams will also be conducted for thorough assessment of your eyes. It is critical to have a professional assess your diagnosis. Always do your research first before you undergo any type of Korean eye surgery.