Observatorior ND was started by a group of individuals with various backgrounds from economics fields. Some of our expertise include the following:

  • Macroeconomics and natural resources –including also fiscal aspects, in particular the capture of associated tax revenues- as well as their effects on the external sector,
  • Natural resources and productive structure, including the effects of technological change, the role of small and medium-sized enterprises and issues regarding trade flows, and finally,
  • Aspects of political economy associated with the exploitation of resources, including the issue of property rights, aspects derived from environmental externalities and the social impacts of this exploitation, including those that affect the local sphere.

However, we created this website not so much with the aim of making it an economics focused niche. Instead, we will publish articles and content related to relevant news, current affairs and even leisure and general affairs. There will be some articles on world economics and issues though. So stay tuned for more content.