Over the years, people have been celebrating their birthday with cakes in Singapore and many other countries. People also put candles on their cakes to elevate the celebrations. Humans started using cakes in parties more than six hundred years ago. Germany is the pioneer of this tradition. There are certain reasons why cakes are very important for birthday celebrations, and they will be elaborated in the next few paragraphs.

Suitable for Any Occasion
People prepare cakes for any occasion and celebration. People may bake or purchase a cake as a gift for the birthday person. Therefore, cakes have become a celebration of food. On any birthday, a party cake is necessary, and people usually wait for this menu. Most of the time, birthday celebrations abroad also involve a cake for the person who is celebrating his or her birthday. One of the best birthday destinations is Singapore, since birthday cakes in Singapore are very famous.

Variations of Cake
A cake can be of any shape, taste, flavor and color, depending on the occasion. If someone is celebrating a marriage anniversary, he or she may opt for a red cake. Again, for the birthday there may be a chocolate flavor. An example of a birthday cake Singapore is famous is the chocolate truffle. Other types of cakes that can add extra happiness to a birthday party include hazelnut delight, blackforrest and much more.

Food for all
Everybody likes cakes regardless of their age and gender. People that are invited to parties always look for cakes after the main dish. Cakes might come in different flavors but everybody likes them. For most birthday parties, cakes are a must. For any celebration, the invitee will order a cake and the guests also like to offer cakes as gifts.

Joy to All
In any birthday celebration, the cake cutting ceremony usually brings joy to all the people that are present. The birthday boy or girl also feels very special when he or she cuts the cake in front of others. People around him or her will then cheer loudly. Notwithstanding, everybody will wish for a happy and prosperous life for the birthday boy or girl.

Hang around
During a birthday party, people like to talk to each other. In addition, they prefer to consume food while talking at a party. Cakes are very useful in this regard. People can easily consume cakes while standing and talking. There are numerous occasions where people are talking for hours while eating cakes. Cakes come in different flavors, and the flavor of the cake dictates the choice of the people that are invited. Therefore, the invitee must keep different flavors to keep the party fun and interesting for hours.

Family Tradition
Birthday cakes are sometimes a family tradition. Some homemakers like to prepare a cake for their kids during their birthdays. When the kid grows old, they cannot forget the taste of their traditional family flavor. They try to prepare the cake according to their needs. Therefore, cakes sometimes bear family tradition.